iPads at School Program

An Occupational Therapy Approach to Using the iPad to Develop Skills | taught by Susan Schenk
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Susan  Schenk
Susan Schenk

About the Instructor

Susan Schenk is an Occupational Therapist, Learning Difference Advocate, Author, Speaker, Mom, Wife, and CEO of Technology & Tools for kids.

Through her business Technology & Tools for kids, she supports parents with her Strategy Sessions (and soon with her Learn Their Way Group Program.)

She supports her peers by teaching OTs across North America how to use technology in a powerful way to develop skills in the school setting - with her online courses such as iPads at School, Click to School Success, and Keyboarding Skills Made Easy.

She also spoke at the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapist about Barriers When it Comes to Technology in the School Setting.

"Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible" is her book which will take you through her learning journey as she discovered how she learned and how she could support others that learn differently.

Her book led to the creation of the Invincible Mama Program which is now a series of Videos and Workbooks. As well as co-creating a Shift Your Thinking LD Summit which is out of Toronto twice a year!


The iPads at School Program has been teaching Occupational Therapists from across the globe how to apply smart technology strategies to allow their clients to gain the skills they need.

With the iPads at School Program:

  • You will know WHY Occupational Therapists need to use the iPad, Apps and technology to support skill development so that you can approach using technology in a more confident way.

  • You will start to INTEGRATE the iPad and Apps into your assessment process so that you know how the client interacts with the device and what skills can be developed with the selected apps.

  • You will create your OWN app list based on YOUR caseload needs so that you are ready to recommend as app or program based on the skills your client needs to develop

  • You will be able to FIND and IDENTIFY the BEST apps for your client's needs so that your client is focusing on develop the right skills in order to make the progress they need in school.

  • You will know how to CUSTOMIZE apps to ensure they are supporting your client's needs so that they are receiving the support they need to develop skills and independence at home and school.

  • You will KNOW how technology and apps can support various skills so that you can apply technology to every area of a client's life -- when you see a need.

  • You will also have the TT4K iPads at School Certification to show others.

So join the Program now as I will be offering it for just $197.00 to celebrate being an OT and to ensure OTs are stepping up to use technology in a powerful way!

The program was $325.00 but I want YOU to learn more about technology to support your clients today!!


Course Contents

36 Videos
13 Texts
9 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Visual Scanning and Visual Perceptual Apps
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