Course Description

I guide you step-by-step as you learn how to develop a child's skills by reviewing one app and one software program. You will focus on developing basic skills while working on higher level skills so they can be successful at school.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Help a child "show what they know" and learn through technology, even in the earliest grade levels (kindergarten).
  • Learn how a program can be set up to work on different skill levels while increasing a child's independence from one grade to the next.
  • Learn how to observe, set up strategies and specific goals for the level the child is working at right now.
  • Learn how you can use one software and/or app program to help kids learn letters, sight words and develop writing skills -- without having to learn a new program.
  • Learn how technology can support kids that are struggling with the physical part of letter formation or writing, and how they can still make progress in reading and writing skills as they continue to develop their printing skills.
  • Save time searching for information about how to set up and use programs in a way that is multisensory and meaningful for your child. Customize the program to fit the child's needs.
  • Be able to set up and customize various grids that are appropriate for each child and at their level--so that they can experience success and independence with writing.

Susan Schenk

Susan Schenk is an Occupational Therapist, Learning Difference Advocate, Author, Speaker, Mom, Wife, and CEO of Technology & Tools for kids.Through her business Technology & Tools for kids, she supports parents with her Strategy Sessions.She supports her peers by teaching OTs across North America how to use technology in a powerful way to develop skills in the school setting - with her online courses such as iPads at School, Click to School Success, and Keyboarding Skills Made Easy.She also spoke at the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapist about Barriers When it Comes to Technology in the School Setting."Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible" is her book which will take you through her learning journey as she discovered how she learned and how she could support others that learn differently.Her book led to the creation of the Invincible Mama Program which is now a series of Videos and Workbooks. As well as co-creating a Shift Your Thinking LD Summit which is out of Toronto twice a year!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Start - Level One

    • Welcome

    • Using Technology as soon as possible to Support Students

    • Level One

    • Children with these Skills Need to Start at Level One

    • Level One with Clicker Software

    • How a student will Access the Clicker Software

    • Level One Part Four

    • Listen and Select Using the Mouse or Touchpad

    • Level One Visual of the Basic Skills

    • Level One What to Observe and Set the Best Goals

  • 2

    Clicker Docs App -- Level One Use

    • Settings in the Clicker Doc App

    • Creating Folders and Wordbanks with Clicker Docs

    • Dropbox and Clicker Docs Documents

    • Dropbox Online

    • Set up Uppercase Word Bank for Clicker Docs

    • Copying and Renaming the Uppercase Word Banks

    • Level One for Clicker Docs

  • 3

    Clicker Software Level One

    • Review of Documents and Wordbanks

    • Clicker Set Up: Word bank from Blank template

    • Clicker Set Up Options

    • Opening a Clicker Document in Clicker

    • Setting Up a Word Bank in Clicker

    • Customize the Clicker Word Bank and Save for a number of Students

    • Level One with the Clicker Software

    • Adding Colour and Images to Wordbanks

  • 4

    Level Two

    • Level Two - move towards more independence and more words!

    • Level Two introduction

    • Visual of Level Two Observations

    • Level Two: What to Observe and the Best Goals

  • 5

    Clicker Docs Level Two - You will be using the App to further develop sight words and start to create simple sentences.

    • Word Cards for Visual Support

    • Finding New Words with Clicker Docs

    • Writing lists with Clicker Docs

    • Starting to Use Forced Sentences

    • Forced Sentences with Clicker Docs

    • Reading Activities to Create Sentences in Clicker Docs

  • 6

    Clicker Software Level Two

    • Steps for Level Two

    • Finding New Words with a Visual Support Level Two

    • Writing Lists with Clicker Software

  • 7

    Level Three

    • Level Three

    • Level three intro

    • Visual of Level Three Observations

    • Level Three Observations and Goals

    • ADD IT! Visual Support System for Words

    • When Do You Start Keyboarding Skills Using Clicker

  • 8

    Clicker Docs Level Three

    • Level Three Word Bank for Clicker Docs

    • Theme Pages for Clicker docs

    • From Theme Pages to Word Banks

    • ADD IT! Visual Support System

    • Creating Questions

    • Keyboarding Skills in Click to School Success

  • 9

    Clicker Software Level Three

    • Level Three Word Bank for Clicker

    • Theme Pages for Clicker

    • From Theme Pages to a Word Bank

    • Answering and Creating Questions on Clicker

  • 10

    Level Four

    • The Focus for Level Four

    • Level Four

    • Word Bank to Word Prediction

    • Word Bank, Theme Pages and Word Prediction

    • Level Four Word Prediction Progress

    • You did it!