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Learning differences allow kids to think outside the box and move from ordinary to extraordinary thinking, offering new perspectives that can shift the future--and in some cases, providing solutions to the impossible! But this potential is lost when we place children that learn differently in a box! The box of if you can’t read well, you can’t learn well! If you can’t write well, your ideas are limited! And, at the bottom of the box, you will do O.K. but that’s it! Limits are put on you by others and, even worse, yourself! If we are willing to step outside of this box, change our approaches to learning, and actually see learning differences for what they are, we will see a whole new world of abilities that these kids will show us! It’s time for learning differences to be understood and for kids to stand up and voice what they need to help them learn. Beyond OK: From Invisible to Invincible takes you on Susan Schenk’s inspirational journey as she discovers the world of learning differences--as a child, a professional, and a parent. For Susan, school was a place of dread, where shame and quiet despair led her to feel invisible. She developed strategies to survive this world she didn’t fit in. A world she couldn’t leave. A world that requested so much of her each day. A world where she was overlooked as she was able to get by and “do O.K.” Susan used her strengths to slowly figure out how she learned. Susan completed a college fitness diploma--and then completed five years of university. As an Occupational Therapist, Susan re-entered her “world of dread”, working in school settings for over twenty years. She uncovers the power of technology and strategies for kids with learning difficulties, to empower children to “show what they know”. This is Susan’s passion -- learning differences and technology. Prepare to shift your thinking about technology. Be inspired by how the power of technology, combined with strategies, can help overcome limitations of learning difficulties. If you or someone you care about has challenges with learning, this book will give you HOPE. It will INSPIRE you to see and think about learning differences in a whole new way. And it will EMPOWER you to have a voice for learning differences. Let’s move from invisible to invincible!

Susan Schenk

Susan Schenk is an Occupational Therapist, Learning Difference Advocate, Author, Speaker, Mom, Wife, and CEO of Technology & Tools for kids.Through her business Technology & Tools for kids, she supports parents with her Strategy Sessions.She supports her peers by teaching OTs across North America how to use technology in a powerful way to develop skills in the school setting - with her online courses such as iPads at School, Click to School Success, and Keyboarding Skills Made Easy.She also spoke at the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapist about Barriers When it Comes to Technology in the School Setting."Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible" is her book which will take you through her learning journey as she discovered how she learned and how she could support others that learn differently.Her book led to the creation of the Invincible Mama Program which is now a series of Videos and Workbooks. As well as co-creating a Shift Your Thinking LD Summit which is out of Toronto twice a year!

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